About Us


Zadora is a small family cafe and creperie. The owners know the place like their own pocket. Monika and Karol are a married couple that has been creating the special atmosphere of Zadora every day since 2018. They also take care of every detail in the kitchen. They want to feed their customers with delicious and healthy crepes, hence the quality of ingredients for the dishes is their priority. 

They want you to feel like you do at home, and treat you to tasty, healthy food prepared with a lot of heart.

"We met in Zadora during work. I Karol worked here for more than a decade. I perfectly remember Guests I served at the time. Now I am serving them as the owner. They often remember me too."

"I Monika worked for a bit shorter, but long enough to get to know each other and get married. Zadora has always been an exceptional place for me."

Karol i Monika
Zadora interior


We are one of the oldest restaurants in the Old Town in Lublin.

We fried the first crepe in 1999, and we still enjoy doing it.

Our Menu is permanent, only seasonal items change twice a year. Our specialty are crepes galettes - made with buckwheat flour and folded into a typical square according to the tradition of Brittany in France.

In addition to buckwheat crepes, we offer exceptional location and interiors.


Creperie ZADORA is located in a tenement house of the Lubomelski Family at Rynek 8. The first mention of the building belonging to Jan Lubomelski at the time dates back to 1522.

The Lubomelski Family had aristocratic roots, and of course a coat of arms: ZADORA.

A depiction of the ZADORA coat of arms from 1540 can be admired on a fragment of the Renaissance portal of the building at Rynek 8.

We are looking forward to hosting you!

Zadora exterior